Saturday, July 11, 2015

My New Crush - Big Brother's Clay Honeycutt #BB17

I never watch Big Brother.  In all of its 17 seasons (I guess it's the 17th now because they always hashtag it with #BB17), I have never watched a single episode.   However, this weekend I had nothing to do.  What do bored people do?  Go to Xfinity On Demand and look for shows!  Since I only have basic cable right now (trying to save money and I don't have the time to watch TV most of the time), I can only watch shows that are shown on regular networks.

I happened to tune in and watched Big Brother to see what is the interest in it.  The moment I saw Clay Honeycutt - I was hooked.  I watched it from the first episode and I am all caught up now.  Don't judge.   I have friends who still watch Survivor.  :)