Monday, June 1, 2015

Fitness Model - Mike Roulo on Instagram

There are fitness models on Instagram.  Thousands of them.  They will offer you all kinds of online training programs, diet and exercise programs, weight loss products and everything that is marketable online these days.  Then, there is Mike Roulo.  A 21-year old fitness enthusiast.

If you haven't seen him or followed him on Instagram and Snapchat, you're missing out on this charming and very inspiring fitness model.  He's got the charisma that can charm anyone.  He's got a job like everyone else.   He also loves his dog very much which he constantly shares videos of on Snapchat.

Take a look at his progress over the years.  He's a ham on cam alright! 

If you want to follow him, find his social media accounts at the end of the post.  

Happy Monday!!

Instagram: +MikeRouloFitness 


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