Friday, June 19, 2015

Online Fitness Trainers are a dime a million. Here's one of the best. Josef Rakich

As a blogger, I  am on all forms of social media.  Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Snapchat etc.  Name it and I'm in it.  That's what you have to have to keep up with the fast-moving trends in social media.  You either follow or you get left behind.

One of the rising careers our there are online fitness trainers.  I know, it seems like an oxymoron but there are many of them and they do show you results.  People who follow them, purchase their workout routine or a regimen that was designed for them and they show progress.

This may be similar to how online classes for college doesn't show you how the real world works.  Almost everyone still believe that you can only learn when you go to a class physically.  Those rules are changing and they are changing fast.  Many colleagues I know have taken their masters degree online.

This is the new thing.  So, if you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, tone up, or whatever your goals are, follow one of these folks.  If you believe they can, you can too!

Here's one of the best who has built an empire training people online,  Online Fitness Trainer, Josef Rakich.    You can follow his Facebook page HERE.  His Instagram account HERE

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Super hunk of Jurassic World - Chris Pratt in heels (VIDEO)


I am just learning about Chris Pratt lately.  I have heard his name but I don't normally pay attention to it.  But since I saw Jurassic World, Chris Pratt became number one in my book.  I kept wondering who the cute guy was in the film, until a friend of mine told me that it was Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation.   I had no idea as well that he was heavy set before because from the looks of it, he's totally fit in the movie.

Then I started reading about him.  He actually transformed his physique for Guardians of the Galaxy using a special workout and diet regimen.   Now, I am hooked on him.  I am reading everything about him.

Here are photos of him both when he was heavy until he became super hot and super fit.  And guess what?  He can run on heels as well!

chris pratt working out 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fitness Model - Mike Roulo on Instagram

There are fitness models on Instagram.  Thousands of them.  They will offer you all kinds of online training programs, diet and exercise programs, weight loss products and everything that is marketable online these days.  Then, there is Mike Roulo.  A 21-year old fitness enthusiast.

If you haven't seen him or followed him on Instagram and Snapchat, you're missing out on this charming and very inspiring fitness model.  He's got the charisma that can charm anyone.  He's got a job like everyone else.   He also loves his dog very much which he constantly shares videos of on Snapchat.

Take a look at his progress over the years.  He's a ham on cam alright! 

If you want to follow him, find his social media accounts at the end of the post.  

Happy Monday!!