Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Body Builder - Michael Hoffman - You have to hand it to him.

If you still haven't heard of a body builder and fitness "flexer" named Michael A Hoffman, you will now.  

I have been a follower of Michael Hoffman on his early days on Instagram.  I watched him grow from being a smooth-skinned aspiring body builder to a fully grown and tattooed beast.  Yes, I am a fan.  

I used to be amused by the comments that his fans leave on his posts and his interactions with them.  It was really a mixture of ups and downs.  Sometimes the conversations are super nice and sometimes, it could turn to downright ugly.

But that's how it is.  I followed his Youtube channel as well.  He normally did nothing but flexed on his videos.  

As time went on, his photos on Instgram became more "adult" as you may want to call it.  More and more fans followed him. Yet, nothing offensive.  It was always tastefully done and sometimes, very flirty if you can call it that.

Well, late last year, video leaks of Michael Hoffman became viral on the web.  If you Google it, you will know what I mean.  The unexpected was exposed for the world to see.  There was no turning back from there.  

Michael Hoffman remains a good sport and loyal to his "loyal" fans.  He keeps them entertained.  Deep down inside, you know he is a good guy.  

I will share some of his photos here.  And no, you will not find the total of 14 videos that were leaked by someone out there on this website.  You're better off looking elsewhere.

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