Saturday, October 29, 2011

When and Where will the Henri David Ball 2011 be held in Philadelphia? Model: Layton Draper (Photos)

Every year, people wonder and where the biggest and most spectacular Halloween party in Philadephia known as Henri David ball is held.  The "when" part is already a given.  Henri David is a Halloween purist and will not hold the ball on any other night except for October 31st.  Nothing changes there.  Regardless of what day of the week Halloween falls, that is when he holds the magnificent ball.  The question is "where".

There were a couple of years where he tried to change the venue but it didn't quite work out.  The most successful place the Henri David Ball had experienced was at the Sheraton Center City Hotel located between 16th and Race Streets.  For this year, 2011, the Henri David Ball will be held at the same location.  
For details, see below:

Halloween 2011 Presented by Henri David is back once again!

Join the fun on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 9pm at the Grand Ballroom in the Sheraton Center City Hotel (16th & Race Sts.). Tickets are just $25 with costume and $75 if not.
Prizes will be awarded at midnight for: Best Celebrity Look-alike, Best Period Costume, Most Decadent, Most Original Couple, Most Horrifying, Most Hysterical, Most Beautiful Female Impersonator, Most Believable Female Impersonator, & Most Unbelievably Amazingly Spectacular Costume!

For tickets, head over to Henri’s store, ‘Halloween’ (1329 Pine St), or call the store at (215)732-7711 for more information!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

American Male Model - Chad White.

Why couldn't we all be born with the physique and facial features of Chad White?  He has the face of an angel and a body of a god.  And the reason why I chose to feature him as well is because his face is not standard.  His expressions are different on every shoot.  He can make scruff look really good and when you clean him up, he looks great too!

When I decide to marry someday, I'm going to look for a guy like him.  He is so perfect.  What could be wrong with him?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ohh baby it's raining, Ohh baby it's raining.. come into me.. come into me..

Don't get me wrong guys.  I love rain and when it's raining outside, nothing beats a bowl of hot noodle soup and sitting around watching TV.  I reminisce when it's raining.  I think of all the good thoughts about the past that I can think of.  It's usually about a guy I use to date or some good childhood memories when I felt the comfort of my family because we're all stuck inside the house.

It's a great feeling.

Today, it's been raining non-stop.  Drizzling is probably a better word.  And I simply love it.   Don't you?

Have a great week guys!


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