Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's talk about the phrase answer I always get, "I'm straight dude!"

It is something that I have. Call it a gift, call it luck - call it whatever you wanna call it but straight guys have a fondness of me. Yup! Straight guys. At least that is what they tell me all the time. Whatever happens after that statement is beyond me but here are my stories.

I started to discover this 'gift' when I was younger. I had no gay friends growing up. I was always hanging out with straight kids. Even though they may have sensed that I was not the typical straight kid, they enjoyed my company. I go along with sports, mischief and so forth so there's really nothing that they can say about me.

Most of the straight guys I hung out with in high school will protect me from bullies. They always tell me that if someone takes advantage of me, just let them know and they will take care of it. Such power!

Well, looking back now - I realized that straight men enjoy my company. I am funny, I tell jokes a lot and I am just easy to get along with. No dramas.

One guy I particularly hung out with all the time just pulled me one day and told me that, "I've never felt like this before. I've had many gay friends but there's something about you!". Of course, I didn't take advantage of that because his girlfriend is a friend of mine. I wouldn't even dare cross that line.

Another time, I was invited by my neighbor (he's a cop) to his house for a party. There were lots of straight couples there. And if they are in a relationship, I pretty much stay away from them. Yet, at the end of the party, there's this one cute guy who came in and started taking shots with the guys. They asked me to join them and for fun, I did. After a while, (when everyone was tipsy), the host (the cop) had to kick us out because he has an early duty the next day. Since I lived across the street, I told the guys that we can take the party to my place.

Continued at the end of the post

I took a couple of beers from the fridge and walked over to my place... to my surprise, no one followed. I figured, that was the end of the night. But then, this cute fella parked right in front of my house. While I was smoking, he saw me and said - "Oh, that's where you live?!" (duh!). He asked to see my house and I showed him. Then, he told me that he bought a house just around the corner as well and would like to show me. I told him that we're both not fit to drive. He said that it is only a few seconds away.

He drove and yes, it was a few seconds away from my house. He invited me in and once inside, he showed me around his house. It was a nice town home with a poker table right in the middle of the living room. The wall was decorated with a poster of dogs playing cards. If that wasn't a give away for someone who's straight, I don't know what is.

We headed to the kitchen and we started talking. He was obviously drunk and was almost falling asleep as I was chatting with him. I did tell him that I am gay and he said he knew but he told me not to expect anything because he is straight. I told him that there was nothing to worry about, I understand.

But, the guy couldn't even stay up so I told him I will help him up to his bedroom. He obliged.

Once we got there, he took off his pants and just slumped right on the bed with half his body hanging out. I tried to help him and lifted his legs to the bed. He took my hand... and the rest was history.

Well, why do they insist on telling us they are straight? Is that because they are not convinced that they are? Or is it because they really are but they are simply excited because we've given them attention? I don't understand it.

The most recent one was a guy I met in a bar. He told me up front that he's straight and like I said, I am fine with that. I just had a conversation with him and we were having a ball! Nothing else. I would buy him drinks and he would buy me drinks...

At the end of the night, he went home with me.

What's up with that?

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