Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

True Beauty Contestant Joel Rush - shows bod!

Is this a beauty or what?! Joel Rush is a contestant in a Reality TV series called True Beauty. It is a reality TV series conceived by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks where contestants didn't know that they are in this for their "internal beauty".

His casting seemed successful because he just landed a modeling contract with Vision Model.

For more pictures of Joel Rush - visit Oh La La Mag

Monday, January 19, 2009

We welcome change...

Sorry for the delay in posting people! I have been in bed sick with the flu for the past three days. I couldn't even get out of bed, let alone think and blog about something that is substantial. I am feeling a bit rested today and decided to update you guys on what's going on with my life.. (how boring!)

Do you remember when I wrote about a person I met through my blog? We hit it off right away and soon became "virtual lovers". We would speak to each other daily, and we would YM and SKYPE each other every night. We loved talking to each other and we talk about everything. We fight, we laugh - all those normal things that one would expect in a growing relationship. It is almost three months now since we've been talking (although it feels a little longer than that.. hmmm). The only remaining issue we have is that we haven't met in person. The rest seems to have fallen in place, yet there is the one "what-if" scenario that is untested. (continued below....)

Last night, as we were talking over the phone, we decided that we should stop the madness and wait until we meet each other. We want to avoid hurting each other by saying all the things that we believe is something that we are feeling today and then, regret saying them later if we don't hit it off in person. I am bummed because logically, it should be done this way but my feelings are so strong that I just want to risk getting hurt. What if he doesn't like me when we meet? Vice-versa? But then again, what if we become the magical couple destined for each other... ???

For now, we will both try not to contact each other by email, YM, text messages, and all that. Avoid saying sweet nothings like "miss you" or "wish you were here"... even if we are tempted to. We both have got to put some reality to this situation .. and this is it. Reality bites... and it sucks.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Filipino Hunk Geoff Eigenmann on Garage Magazine Dec-Jan Issue

One of the qualities of a beautiful male has to do with the balance in proportion of facial beauty and ultimate physique. Anyone can have a great contoured body but without the blessing of a unique facial feature, you may not consider them beautiful at all.

On the cover of the December- January 2009 Issue of Garage Magazine is Geoff Eigenmann. I consider him one of the hottest hunks in Philippine Showbiz. Here's a little history from Wikipedia.

He was born Geoffrey Michael A. Eigenmann on March 23, 1985. A third generation of the Mesa-Gil clan of actors. Son of showbiz icons Michael De Mesa and Gina Alajar. Grandparents are Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil. Son of Filipino actors Michael De Mesa & Gina Alajar. He is of Spanish/American descent. He has two siblings: older brother Ryan Eigenmann (actor), and younger brother AJ Eigenmann (actor). Nephew of Filipino actors Mark Gil and Cherie Gil. Cousin of actor Gabby Eigenmann and Sid Lucero (Tim Eigenmann). He is good friends with actors co-actors Luis Manzano & John Prats. Formerly paired on-screen with actress Heart Evangelista (2004-2005). Cousin of newcomer actress Andy Gil.

Geoff graduated from Shekinah Christian Training Center in March 2002 and becomes an Alumni of SCTC.

Take a look and tell me what you think...

Many thanks to my one and only, Frondizi for the scans.